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Tennessee Volunteers Football With Ten Wins?!?

The Vols counting on the Hokies as a big win early in the season

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Battle At Bristol can't get here soon enough, and there is almost no news going on with Virginia Tech football.  I decided to look at some of the Hokies 2016 opponents including the Tennessee Vols.  The Vols are everybody's sexy pick to win the S.E.C. East, and possibly contend for a national title.  I'm willing to bet dollars for doughnuts that come S.E.C. media days, the press will publicly pick the Vols to edge out Florida in the East.  Georgia is a real mystery to me, and I am anxious to see how Kirby Smart transitions to the head job.  It will also be interesting to see him run the Alabama defense without Alabama talent.  The Vols also stick out to me, because the Golden Nugget has their over/under win total for the season at 10.  That's tops in the nation, tied with Clemson, Oklahoma, and Florida State.  That's some strong love for a team that hasn't been relevant in five plus years.   Looking at the Volunteers slate for 2016, I can't muster up 10 wins.

The 9/24 game with Florida should decide the division. If the Vols happen to beat the Hokies in Bristol, they should be 3-0 when the Gators come calling. After the Gators visit, the Vols travel to Georgia, Texas A&M, then host defending national champion Alabama.

"So let me get this straight.  TENNESSEE is going to beat Virginia Tech, Georgia, Texas A&M, and Alabama? They could lose two and still get to ten. I'm betting they lose three, just not the one we want them to."

Tennessee will lose to Texas A&M, Georgia, and Alabama. Sorry Hokie fans, not quite sure Virginia Tech is quite ready for prime time. I will say the game will be decided by a touchdown or less, and you never know, but more on that later. I don't gamble on college football, but this bet would pique my interest.