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Lecitus Smith Commits to the Hokies

Tech picks up its 11th commitment of the class, Georgia tight end Lecitus Smith.

Blocking tight end? Guard? Same diff with Lecitus Smith.
Blocking tight end? Guard? Same diff with Lecitus Smith.
Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Well, all of you guys looking for an offensive line commitment got one, just that it's not coming from exactly someone you'd expect. This afternoon Virginia Tech got a commitment from Lecitus Smith, a 6'-4", 255lbs tight end from Fitzgerald, GA. Smith's main recruiter was James Shibest, but there's a lot of scuttlebutt about him being eventually moved to guard- mostly because we've already got Dalton Keene and Drake Deiuliis in the class. Now, he could still stay out at blocking tight end. But the big thing is that he's an athletic but large body that they could project in a couple places. Tech's had some success with moving tight ends to tackle, too (Ed Wang, Duane Brown, etc), so it's not unprecedented. Of course, there was a period in time where ALL of our offensive line was former tight ends, and that didn't work out so well, either. He's rated two stars by Rivals, three by Scout and 247...and I can't tell what he's rated on ESPN since their site doesn't seem to be working. He's the 11th commitment to the class of 2017, and the 6th or 7th offensive player to commit (depending on where Caleb Farley projects). He's also the first Georgia commitment and the 7th out of state commitment. His other offers included Arkansas, Cincinnati, Louisville, NC State, Oklahoma State, Troy, USF, and others.

Tape review!

Lecitus Smith (Fitzgerald, GA. 255lbs, 6'-4". Tight End/Interior OL)

Okay, props to Smith to knowing where his strength lies- getting up field and getting on blocks. Smith doesn't just block people, though, he flattens them when he gets them square. I mean he definitely has some speed and athleticism to him, but I can see why people project him to the interior- I'd say more center than guard, though. Why? When you're a guard, normally you've got the defensive tackle lined up over (or shaded over based on) you. I don't know if he's got a frame to put on another fifty pounds of muscle and fat (Hopefully more the former than the latter). Of course, that would also negate putting him at a place where you can use his very distinct ability to pull cross-field. Don't get me wrong, a pulling CENTER? That's great for what you can do for your playbook, if you're confident enough in him. But pulling is more common for the guard positions. He's also about the right height for guard, which helps. But if you leave him outside, he's a credible enough threat that you could make him another version of Ryan Malleck- a good blocker that can catch enough that keeping him on the field in passing situations isn't an issue.

Either way, Smith is yet another versatile Fuente prospect. We'll see where he ends up, but he's sure tough enough to play at the Division I level.

Welcome aboard Lecitus!