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Virginia Tech Football 2017 Commit Update

With all the recent announcements, let's look at where we stand

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

There have been some fast and furious commitments in the Virginia Tech class of 2017, and we thought it would be helpful to recap all the players that have committed.  Keep in mind that these are VERBAL commitments.  Nothing is official until the players sign their national letters of intent.  There has been an abundance of announcements this weekend, and here is a quick recap courtesy of

The class of 2017 is considered Justin Fuente's first full recruiting class, and the expectations are huge.  Garbutt is the only current 4* on the 2017 list, but some players have the potential to get to that 4* level.  Fuente talked at length about developing depth on both sides of the ball, and seems firmly on track to do just that.

As far as national rankings are concerned, 24/7 has us slotted at number 27 in the nation. This number will also change, as we are a long ways off from national signing day.