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Justin Fuente Gets Ranked In Athlon Poll

Website ranked all 128 coaches

Photo Courtesy of Virginia Tech Athletics

It's that time of year again.  You start seeing the lists pop up. Best tailgates. Best stadium entrances. I read those. Hell, I WRITE those.  There are a few lists I  look at with a grain of salt.  There are others that I take a bit more seriously.  What would impact a program more? Best pregame hot dog, or best head coach?  It is really difficult to project what Justin Fuente is going to do in year one of the rebuilding project, but he is getting some high props.

You can check out the full list of 128 coaches on by clicking here. When you drill down the poll even further, Fuente is ranked 6th in the A.C.C.. Some would argue that's a bit low, but keep in mind Fuente has yet to win anything at Virginia Tech.  This season will certainly be interesting, but i'm anxious to see where Fuente ends up on NEXT year's list.