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Virginia Tech and the N.B.A. Draft

No Hokies Taken Last Night, But That Might Change Soon

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

It has been three years since the last Virginia Tech Hokie was drafted into the N.B.A..  Guard Eric Green was taken in the second round in 2013, and before that you had to go back to 2008 and find Deron Washington.  If you want to go back to find a first round Hokie, it would be none other than Dell Curry in 1986.  30 years is a long time between first round draft picks for a basketball program, and Buzz Williams might be bucking that trend.  The Hokies have been recruiting hardcore as of late, and odds are one of the kids will be playing in the league in the future.  Forward Zach LeDay just might be the guy for the Hokies.  He is 6'7", and has a knack for finding the rim.

With the pipeline stocked, look for some Virginia Tech Hokies in the N.B.A. in the years to come. Looking at the current roster, LeDay is the leader in the clubhouse. Virginia Tech has some high expectations next season, and if things go as planned, LeDay could be poised for a real breakout season.