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Metallica Needs To Play Bristol Motor Speedway

Virginia Tech Should Lobby Hard For Live "Enter Sandman"

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In the game that has nearly everything, what could possibly make it bigger?  Giant screen? Check. Kickoff concert with A list talent? Check. Two teams who are natural rivals from different conferences? Check.  So what's missing at the Battle At Bristol?  Imagine the lights at Bristol Motor Speedway turning off and James Hetfield and the rest of Metallica start the magical opening riff of "Enter Sandman".  The song has become synonymous with Virginia Tech, and what better way to kick off the biggest game in college football history with a live performance?  Virginia Tech reportedly has tried to get the band at Lane Stadium previously, but this is an even bigger stage.

Tennessee already has "their guy" Kenny Chesney playing a full concert the night before. Can't Virginia Tech even get one song? I humbly submit to Bristol Motor Speedway that this would be ultimate cherry on an already impressive sundae.