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Jimmy Butler In Blacksburg

Butler was in town Saturday to hang with former coach, Buzz Williams.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Buzz Williams has some pretty good former players.  Former Marquette standout, Jimmy Butler, reunited with his former coach Saturday in Blacksburg.  Butler didn't play for Virginia Tech, but for Marquette.  It was at Marquette where Butler developed a great relationship with coach Buzz.  The twittersphere was aglow with Butler sightings this weekend, as the Bull's star posed with fans.

Butler averaged 15.7 points as a senior for Marquette, and earned second team All-Big East honors. This was good enough to catch the eye of the Chicago Bulls, who selected him in the first round with the 30th pick overall. It's good to see N.B.A. talent around Blacksburg, and we hope Butler makes it a routine stop during his summer workouts. Williams compiled a 139-69 record while at Marquette.