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Battle At Bristol To Host College Gameday

Game getting bigger by the minute

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

In case you have been in a serious summer slumber, the Battle At Bristol is getting bigger by the minute.  First, the announcement came that country superstar Kenny Chesney will kickoff the weekend with a concert on Friday.  Now comes word that ESPN College Gameday will be in Bristol for the game.  College Gameday is widely regarded as the premier pregame show for college football, and generally is located at the biggest game of the week.  The Hokies and Vols fit that bill, and then some.

The game on September 10, will break records for attendance. They are estimating currently to attract 150,000 fans for the game. Bristol Motor Speedway is pulling out all the stops in the ramp up to the game, and it will be a spectacle not to be missed. As we've written about before, all we need is Metallica to make things complete.