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The Hokie Bird as Kylo Ren

I drew the Hokie Bird as Kylo Ren because it needed to be done.

I recently purchased a new toy!  The Wacom Intuos Pro (Medium) Tablet.


I was met with something of an artists' block last night so I beseeched my Facebook friends for ideas.  My boy, Rick Devens, had an awesome idea when he said, "The Hokie Bird in a Kylo Ren costume! Please!"  I love the Hokies and I love Kylo Ren... so that was an easy request.  As evidence...

I am rather disappointed that I didn't think of it myself.  Regardless, I set to work... Here is the first of many that I expect to be drawing.  Below you have the result of the request.

I am pretty excited about adapting the Hokie Bird into various characters... Make your requests in the comments section below, on the Gobbler Country Facebook page, on Twitter @gobblercountry, or message me directly @jjohnsonVATech with what you want to see!

Enjoy!  As always, Go Hokies!