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Virginia Tech Football Needs Your Help

Apply for the Virginia Tech Fan Council

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Ever be in Lane Stadium and think, "They should really look into doing ..."?  Well, we have some great news for you!  Virginia Tech is looking for folks to let them know how to improve the overall fan experience at Lane Stadium, Cassell Coliseum, and other Virginia Tech venues.  You can apply at hokiesports by clicking here! If you are selected you will join Fan Focus. The great thing about this whole initiative is that the guys who make the big time decisions listen to the little guy, the fan.  Did you know that in a recent poll that the majority of folks DON'T want alcohol sold at Lane?  That is just one item that the folks appointed to Fan Focus will be discussing.  Did you know that this group of fans will have a voice in making the Virginia Tech fan experience even better than it already is?

Please get active, and let the brass know what you think. Without the valuable feedback, we will never get better. LET'S GO.....