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Virginia Tech Football Equipment Teases New Images

Official twitter account of VT Equipment giving teases of new looks...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In the middle of the summer, it's really hard to imagine Virginia Tech getting suited up to face Liberty University.  Fortunately for us, Virginia Tech Equipment has a twitter account.  These guys have been sharing sneak peeks, if you will, on some Lane Stadium fashions heading your way very soon.

What's up with that backward SWOOSH? Hell, I don't know. I just know it's awesome because we have never seen it. These "Sneaky Petes" over there at VTEquipment keep pulling stuff out to brag.  They are pulling out shoes, and they even have the glove love.  You read that correctly.  They tweeted out the new gloves.

That is some bad mamma jamma Hokiestone. In a glove.  You do details?  These guys at Nike just superimposed Hokiestone into a glove.  I live in Alabama. I haven't had gloves since 2004.  I am so buying these to take the garlic bread out of the oven.  They are that crazy.  I don't play collegiate football at the highest level, but I do like to chill out and go for walks in my subdivision.  @VTEquipment has me covered with these sweet ass "cross trainers".

They will so get worn at Publix.  I will wear these at Publix so hard..... Anyways, if you actually follow Virginia Tech's official equipment provider on twitter, you will see this new stuff as well.