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Virginia Tech Football Coordinator Bud Foster With High Praise

Bleacher Report releases list of top 10 defensive coordinators in the nation.

James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

It's the list time of year in college football.  Bleacher Report has listed the top ten defensive coordinators in the country. The winner is longtime Virginia Tech D.C. Bud Foster.  Fellow A.C.C. coach Brent Venables from Clemson, garnered second place in the article.  Foster arrived in Blacksburg in 1995 as a linebackers coach, and has evolved into the most respected defensive coordinator in the nation.  Bud Foster  has produced a ton of N.F.L. talent, and this year looks to maintain Virginia Tech's reputation as DBU.

These are just a handful of stats that Foster either leads, or shares the lead all time. Perhaps the most impressive is the tenure. Foster is the longest tenured defensive coordinator in the country. He has had chances to move on from Blacksburg, but has chosen to stay to finish the job.