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Virginia Tech Football Odds To Win The A.C.C.

Bovada thinks pretty highly of the Hokies

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With only two months until kickoff, the sportsbooks have been releasing conference odds.  Online sportsbook, Bovada, has recently released its odds for the A.C.C.. The Hokies odds to win the Coastal are at 3/1. The favorite is Miami.  here is a look at the complete Coastal:

Team Odds
Miami 3/2
Pittsburgh 3/1
Virginia Tech 3/1
North Carolina 17/4
Georgia Tech 10/1
Duke 20/1
Virginia 40/1

Obviously, the Cavaliers aren't inspiring much confidence among the sharps. The road to the A.C.C. championship is a little bit rockier for the Hokies. Bovada has the Hokies listed at 14/1 to win the whole thing. Here is a look at how the whole conference odds shake out:

Team Odds
Clemson 3/2
Florida State 9/4
Miami 9/1
Louisville 10/1
North Carolina 10/1
Pittsburgh 14/1
Virginia Tech 14/1
Georgia Tech 16/1
N.C. State 20/1
Duke 40/1
Syracuse 75/1
Virginia 75/1
Wake Forest 75/1
Boston College 100/1
It's interesting to see Virginia Tech rated just as likely as Pittsburgh to win the A.C.C.. The overwhelming favorite to win it all is Clemson. Stick with Gobbler Country for updated odds and results.