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Buzz Williams Signs Extension With Virginia Tech

New deal has Williams in Blacksburg until 2022/23 season.

Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

The great news keeps coming from Blacksburg. Men's head basketball coach, Buzz Williams, has signed a new deal that will keep him at Virginia Tech until the 2022/23 season.  This was a big commitment from both sides, as Williams has proven to be a hot off-season commodity.  Locking up Williams long term is exactly what Virginia Tech needed to do. Whit Babcock continues his impressive run as A.D., by promoting continuity in the once struggling program.  Williams came to the Hokies from Marquette, and has improved each season at Tech.

Buzz is scheduled to make $2.6 million in 2016, and that will escalate each year he remains as head coach. His buyout will also decrease each year he remains.This is important to note, as it prevents other teams from poaching him. Congratulations Buzz! GO HOKIES!