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Virginia Tech: This Is Home

One simple act defines a culture.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The message is simple. This Is Home. It's a magnet in the shape of Virginia, in Virginia Tech colors. I had asked someone in the athletic department to mail me one after seeing them all over twitter.  A few days later, I had gotten off of work late, and by habit checked the mailbox.  In the mailbox was a letter from the Virginia Tech Athletic Department.  For a moment, I fantasized about being a 4* DE from Salem, VA. getting an offer letter from Tech. The fantasy vanished as quickly as it appeared as I headed inside.  I opened the letter and saw it. Just a simple magnet with "This Is Home".  I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast, but for just a moment, I was back inside Lane Stadium.  For just a moment, I was shopping at Kroger, instead of Publix.  For just a moment, I was living in Foxridge instead of my current home.  For just a moment, I was scraping the ice off my windshield, instead of suffering in this humidity.

Alabama has been my physical home for over ten years now. While my body lives in "Sweet Home", my heart will always be in Virginia. The simple gesture of putting a magnet in an envelope and mailing it south seems simple. To me, this is what Virginia Tech is all about. I can't imagine how many requests the Athletic Department receives, and yet they found the time to care. This Is Home. Someone in that building got my address. Someone got a stamp. Someone mailed it. To those folks, thank you. It's not just a magnet. It's not just a slogan thought up by a marketing whiz. This gesture meant so much more than that. The word culture is tossed around a lot these days. Virginia Tech, and the people that work there, live it. Thank you Pete Moris and team. Thank you for reminding me on how great it is to be a Hokie.