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Tim Settle Poised For Breakout 2016

In this video , Settle shows his amazing athleticism.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Tim Settle is listed in Phil Steele's preview at 6'3" 344 LB.  That's a big man.  Imagine a man with that sheer size running faster than 95% of the people reading this article. Having trouble putting that into focus? No worries, here is a video of r-FR Tim Settle doing his thing for Virginia Tech.

Tim Settle is a phenomenal athlete. The Hokies plan on using him plenty in the upcoming 2016 season.  Early depth charts show him behind senior Nigel Williams on the defensive line.  Knowing how Bud Foster likes to rotate guys in and out, and it won't surprise me to see Settle quite a bit this year.  There were a lot of people (myself included), who wanted to see Settle on the field last season.  Obviously the coaches knew more than I did, but his sheer size and athleticism can't be ignored.