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ACC Football Stadiums Ranked

Who has the top stadium in all of the A.C.C.?

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Football season in less than 50 days away, and I am currently planning travel to the games I want to see.  The first weekend is definitely Clemson at Auburn, but the rest of the season is open.  Using Phil Steele's guide, I thought it would be a good idea to share some stats with you.  The stats don't give you the entire picture, but they will certainly share size, and overall support of the program.  The intangibles of a game day experience aren't included, because I haven't been to many venues on this list.  That's where you folks come in! If you have any real world experience, comment and let me know the real skinny! Share your best and worst from each stadium in the comment section.  Of course, Lane Stadium is always number one to me, but what do the numbers suggest.

Team Capacity Average Attendance Capacity Rank Attendance Rank Overall A.C.C. Score
Florida State 82,300 89.0% 1 6 7
Clemson 81,500 99.4% 2 1 3
Louisville 55,000 89.2% Tied for 9th 5 14
Boston College 44,500 67.9% 12 12 24
N.C. State 57,600 98.9% 8 2 10
Wake Forest 31,500 84.7% 14 7 21
Syracuse 49,262 65.2% 11 13 24
Miami 64,982 63.5% 5 14 19
North Carolina 63,000 78.8% 6 8 14
Virginia Tech 65,632 92.7% 4 3 7
Pittsburgh 68,400 73.5% 3 10 13
Georgia Tech 55,000 92.2% Tied for 9th 4 13
Duke 40,004 77.9% 13 9 22
Virginia 61,500 70.4% 7 11 18

Using the above metrics, the results were pretty surprising. If we were were to re-rank the schools based on the A.C.C. score, they would look like this:

Team A.C.C. Score Rank
Clemson 1
Virginia Tech T-2
Florida State T-2
N.C. State 4
Pittsburgh T-5
Georgia Tech T-5
North Carolina T-7
Louisville T-7
Virginia 9
Miami 10
Wake Forest 11
Duke 12
Syracuse T-13
Boston College T-13

The rankings are somewhat indicative of each program. One would expect Clemson to be at the top of the list, but seeing the Hokies tied with Florida Sate, makes me feel awesome. The other one to watch is Miami. If they can improve their attendance this season, look for them to creep up the list. N.C. State was also a surprise, with the Wolfpack coming in fourth in the rankings. Boston College has the dual problem of small stadium, and low turnout. Log in and share your feedback so we can decide which games to hit this season!.