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Virginia Tech Athletics Week In Review

Gobbler Country rounds up all the top stories from last week.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The week is already over, and we have UNDER 50 days until pigskin!  The A.C.C. Media days are next week in Charlotte, and two Hokies will be joining Coach Fuente. The basketball team, not wanting to be left out, had some big news this week. Buzz Williams added a new assistant coach to the BBall team, and the administration felt so good about the men's program, they locked up Coach Buzz until the 2022/23 season. The off season has had a couple distractions for football.  This week, Coach Fuente announced two Hokies have been reinstated to the team.

Gobbler Country's own resident X's and O's expert, John Schneider, broke the offensive all the way down. In another info packed article, John tells you what to expect in the offensive backfield. Tim Settle is one big athlete, and he has surprisingly fast foot speed. The video in that article makes me glad Settle suits up in the maroon and orange.

Artist Jay Johnson gave the Hokie Bird a makeover, and it made my day. Jay also watched the Bleacher Report documentary on Michael Vick, and gave it a hearty "thumbs up." The indoor facility won a prestigious design award, and apparently Pokemon Go is taking over the world.

I made some people highly upset with my A.C.C. stadium rankings. Apparently F.S.U. fans are easily angered, go figure. Jawhar Ali put in some time in the film room with an excellent breakdown of the Fuente offense. Overall, we had a busy week here at G.C., stay tuned next week for coverage from media days.