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Tragedy Strikes Hokie Freshmen QB

The heart wrenching shootings in Baton Rouge have impacted a young player on the football team.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

On Sunday July 17, there was a shooting that resulted in the deaths of three Baton Rouge police officers and injury to several others.  While the investigation is ongoing details surrounding the tragedy are beginning to be released.  One such detail is the identity of a fallen officer.

Officer Montrell Jackson served the Baton Rouge community for ten years before he was shot and killed at the age of 32.  He had recently welcomed the birth of a child, and has been described by those close to him as "the backbone of the family."

Officer Jackson is also the cousin of the Virginia Tech Hokie Freshmen Quarterback, Josh Jackson.

Gobbler Country joins Josh, the Jackson family, and the rest of the Hokie faithful, in mourning the loss of Officer Jackson.