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ACC Network: What It Means For Virginia Tech

Platform should arrive in 2019

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Media days are just a couple days off, but the A.C.C. is already dropping bombs.  Multiple outlets are reporting that the A.C.C. (partnered with ESPN) intends to deliver its own network digitally in 2016. Some reports have it as early as next month.  The bigger news is that ESPN has indicated it will have an A.C.C. network in place sometime around 2019.  It makes complete sense to launch the network digitally, and than proceed to the linear version.  It will give ESPN ample time to work any kinks out, as well as ink deals with cable/satellite providers.

What does this all mean for Virginia Tech?  First off, it will help generate awareness for the conference.  The A.C.C. is primarily known as a basketball conference, and this should help the national audience see more coverage of the other programs.  If you use the S.E.C. network as the model, expect to see talk shows, baseball, softball, and extra basketball coverage you normally wouldn't see on the existing ESPN family of networks.  If Virginia Tech can get more eyeballs on the various programs, that's a win.

It should help recruiting, as almost all recruits are plugged in digitally.  The network should have a big social media footprint, and more exposure for Virginia Tech is a great thing.  The Hokies have a great social media following now, and would only get bigger with a wider audience.  Expect more clarification this week from commissioner, John Swofford, at media days.