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Virginia Tech Competing On ESPN Tonight

Hokies will face Georgia Tech in the BattleFrog Final Four

Ker Robertson/Getty Images

Need a bit of Hokie competition this holiday weekend?  ESPN has you covered with its broadcast of the collegiate BattleFrog series at 8PM ET.  The competition makes ordinary obstacle courses look routine.  The course itself is designed by Navy Seals.  The co-ed contest is a four person relay, as the athletes navigate through the 20+ obstacle course.  The obstacles test the athletes' speed, strength and endurance.

Last season, the Hokies finished third overall behind Army and Ole Miss. In the semifinal round last season, the Hokies defeated U.V.A. by only one second. The Hokies have defeated Air Force, and Texas on its way to the 2016 semifinals. Tune in tonight to see if Virginia Tech can top Georgia Tech and reach the finals.