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The Hokie Bird as Scarface

The Hokie Bird and Al Pacino's Scarface meet in the coolest of ways! I hope everyone enjoys!

In the latest iteration of my re-imagination of the Hokie Bird I have decided to merge two ideas.  Currently there is a tie in the poll that was included after my Hokie Bird as Darth Vader... Han Solo Hokie Bird and Hokie Bird in a Tuxedo. Despite the tie, there was a comment that requested the Hokie Bird as a Launchpad McQuack from Disney's Duck Tales that was irresistible for me.  But, I vowed to honor the leader (at the time) and draw the Hokie Bird in a Tuxedo.  I did that... but, with a twist.  You know who else wore a tuxedo?  Al Pacino in the classic film, Scarface.  So... I drew the Hokie Bird in a tux, but in the same style as Pacino in the Scarface film poster.  I hope you enjoy it!

Hokie BIrd Scarface Jay Johnson

Hokie Bird Scarface

I personally think the maroon and white is the most striking, but I also generated a maroon and orange version. Which one do you think is better?

Hokie Bird Scarface Orange Jay Johnson

Scarface Hokie Bird Orange

What does everyone think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!  As always - I would love to hear your requests below, in the comments, on Gobbler Country's facebook page, or you can DM me on Twitter @jjohnsonVATech - All the best!

Also... **cough** shameless plug for another piece I drew, the Hokie Bird as Kylo Ren!