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Virginia Tech Football Recruiting :Blacksburg Bash In Tweets

ICYMI Virginia Tech hosted the "Blacksburg Bash" this weekend.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

This weekend Virginia Tech held an event for potential players.  The weekend was dubbed "The Blacksburg Bash", and things got off very quickly.

The first commit came from Bryce Thompson in the 2018 recruiting class.

Thompson was followed up by Washington D.C. product, Sean Savoy.

Savoy will be part of the 2017 recruiting class. Next up for the Hokies was lineman, Aiden Brown.

The Hokies weren't done yet. They received a verbal from LB Jaylen Griffin.

Throughout the day, the internet was swirling about a "major announcement". Coach Fuente even teased it last evening.

Recruiting coordinator, Thomas Guerry, got in on the tease as well:

I imagine the news didn't quite materialize, but they couldn't help building the drama for the next couple of weeks.

Reading the tea leaves, it must be something to do with a 2017 recruit. Tyjuan Garbutt, perhaps? Only time will tell, but the Blacksburg Bash was an enormous success.