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Football Gambling Sites Like The ACC

Bovada releases some interesting "opportunities" to bet on the A.C.C.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Online sports book Bovada has released some interesting futures bets.  They have put out odds for conference teams to win the national championship.  This is interesting for A.C.C. fans, as the conference has  a ton of respect from the odds makers.  Betting on "Will an A.C.C. team win the national championship?" is +350 on the money line.  That is the second lowest (to the S.E.C.).  The Big 10 checks in at +400, while the Big 12 is +500.  The feeling nationally, is that Clemson or Florida State have a real chance to make the playoff.

The other interesting options are for individual teams.

Clemson is +200, While F.S.U. is +350. Those are the best odds of any A.C.C. team. The favorites, again according to Bovada, are Alabama and Oklahoma. The Crismson Tide is the overall favorite at +150, or 3/2 to make the playoff.