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Hokies Predicted to Finish 4th in Coastal

The preseason polls following ACC media day have been released, and the Hokies weren't given a favorable view in the standings.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

ACC media members were given the opportunity to vote for the ACC Coastal and Atlantic division winners, and how the rest of the teams would fare in the upcoming college football season. With Clemson and UNC predicted to repeat as division champions, the Hokies still lack the talent to really compete with those teams in the eyes of the media. Virginia Tech was chosen to finish 4th in the Coastal Division, behind UNC, Miami, and Pittsburgh.

That's right where I put the Hokies on my ballot, and it makes sense that so many others agree. The Tar Heels, Panthers, and Hurricanes all have more talent and/or don't have a coach going into his first year. Finishing 4th would actually be a step up from last year since Duke also finished one spot ahead of the Hokies in 2015. However, the maroon and orange would like to be much higher in the standings. With a combined record of 14-12 over the last two seasons, the older guys on the team don't want another mediocre season just to play a subpar opponent in a bowl game. However, there are just too many questions -€” namely at QB -€” to put the Hokies any higher in the preseason polls as of right now.