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Virginia Tech Memorabilia At The Highest Level

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the greatest spectacle in Hokiedom.

Photo Courtesy "Fan X"

A few weeks back I wrote a piece about the Virginia Tech collectible "scene". I have been adding some items, (albeit inexpensive) and learned a few lessons when navigating these dark waters.  First off, there are some great fans out there. I have met so many incredible fans, and was lucky enough to talk to a few.  Many were just like me.  They loved Virginia Tech, and wanted to have an item that reminded them of that.  Of all the folks I met, none were like this.

"For the rest of the story, this particular person will be called Fan 'X'.  Fan 'X' has the greatest singular collection of Virginia Tech memorabilia I have ever encountered, and I have the photos to prove it."

Walking down the stairs to the home of Fan 'X', you are greeted by an appetizer of Hokie items to come.

You then transiton into the larger area of Fan 'X''s home, and are greeted by this:

What is that you ask? It's just a giant display of game used helmets.  It's just a giant display of helmets that saw use for Virginia Tech.  In terms of collectability, this is the Hokie Grail. I mean the Holy Grail.  Fan 'X' keeps his stacked up like cord wood.  There are 16, count 'em, 16 game used helmets in this display alone.  We won't even discuss the two trophies framing the "Beamer 25" game used helmet. That is a national player of the year award that was given to a former Hokie.

Oh wait, I needed some more GAME USED helmets.  In fact, I have so many game used helmets, my display won't hold them all.  I will just put them into my locker stuffed with chairs and framed art.  Crap, where do I put my Virginia Tech shoulder pads? Oh yeah, in my locker stuffed with freaking helmets.

I ran out of frames for all my jerseys, let me put them on my pool table that has a Virginia Tech light. This guy has the stuff that we would all kill for.  The good news? We made plans to have a beer in Bristol.  The bad news? I can't afford to pay his dry cleaning bill!