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Battle At Bristol: What Should The Hokies Wear?

The Big game will be here before you know it. What uniform/helmet combo should the Hokies wear?

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Battle At Bristol will be the most attended college football game of all time. That's a fact. As we get closer to the game, we wonder what the Hokies will be wearing.  The uniform combinations at Virginia Tech are legendary, and certainly polarizing.  For all the hits, there have been some misses.  The last time Virginia Tech played a big non-conference matchup, they went with these:

It was kind of a chrome look, which was outstanding. Something can be said for the alternate look. I really like the helmet the Hokies brought out for the Russell Athletic Bowl.

The uniform/helmet thing is a big deal. It's Fuente's first real test. It's a national stage. The thought process combines many factors. It is intended to "hype" the players. It is intended to generate sales. It is intended to showcase the brand of Virginia Tech in all its glory for a national stage. Personally, I want to see the Nike Pro Combat black helmet. This one was particularly polarizing. I just loved the look.

I especially loved the uniform in that Boise State game:

What do you think Hokie fans? Vote in our poll, and if your choice isn't listed, put it in the comments!