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Battle At Bristol Ticket Prices Soaring

Game slated for 9/10/16

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Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

The tickets are going up people. A recent check of shows that ticket prices for the big game are steadily climbing.  The cheapest seat to be had is in the Kulwicki Terrace, which puts you about in Christiansburg for $169.  High end tickets for the game are an insane $2,750 apiece in the Allison Terrace.  That's a lot of cheddar for this game.

There have been some different estimates on how many actual tickets have been sold, but at these prices, I kind of feel that the high end estimates might be correct. There has also been some naysayers talking about "no good seats". Well, apparently, being part of the biggest college football game of all time is trumping that sentiment. With the Vols expected to be a top 10 team, the Hokies will have some work to do in September.