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Justin Fuente Celebrates (Socially)

The H.B.C. in Blacksburg celebrates a birthday today. Here are some tweets!

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The head coach at Virginia Tech celebrated a birthday today, and the twittersphere didn't disappoint. When you turn 40, you officially start to feel old.  Justin Fuente is now 40.

This is the guy that CHOSE Virginia Tech. This is the guy that Virginia Tech CHOSE. Do your part! Tweet at @CoachFuente and let him know we appreciate him on his special day. I mean, we only turn 40 once, why not make it memorable. Coach, we hope you have a fabulous birthday, and we wish you success at Virginia Tech. This season will be different for a multitude of reasons, but as a part of our family, we want to celebrate the little things with you. Happy Birthday Coach!