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Virginia Tech Football Biggest Swing Game

The "little" games have the biggest impact.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Looking at the Virginia Tech schedule, there are definitely some bigger games.  The Battle At Bristol stands out.   The first ever meeting at Notre Dame stands out.  What other game could play a huge role for the Hokies' upcoming season?  To me it is a Thursday night matchup in Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh completely manhandled the Hokies last season.  The defensive line held a clinic at our expense.  The offense managed to just make enough plays to win the game.  Virginia Tech has the pedigree, but in recent matchups, the Panthers show a superiority over the Hokies.

"Virginia Tech fans would probably trade momentum with Pitt, as the new coach has tangible results.  Narduzzi has Pitt on the brink, while there are too many questions with Virginia Tech."

Can the Hokies defeat Pitt on their own turf, we will see. Stay locked at for all the latest in Virginia Tech news and notes.