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Virginia Tech Football Twitter Accounts

Follow the coaches on your twitter feed

Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

July 30th was "Social Media Day". Um. Ok. Well, to honor the occasion, the Hokies football team released a neat infographic to share all the coaches' twitter handles.  This is a real time save for those new to twitter, or for those who didn't know the actual handles.  Most of these coaches are pretty active on twitter, and it gives you a different vantage point to see what is going on in Blacksburg.

Coach Fuente is the most followed of the coaches, but an entertaining follow is Zohn Burden. He has a great sense of humor, and helps keep up with his recruiting travels. Coach Vance Vice usually has motivational stuff, as well as candid shots of the O-line. Log in and follow these guys to stay up to date on Virginia Tech football.