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Tyjuan Garbutt Decommits from Hokies

The Hokies are now in the re-recruiting process for the 4* DE.

Garrett Reid-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday afternoon got slightly less boring with some recruiting news. Unfortunately, the news wasn't good for the Virginia Tech. Tyjuan Garbutt, a 4* DE from Fredericksburg, VA, announced his decommitment from Virginia Tech.

Interestingly, Garbutt - who committed to the Hokies back in February - still views VT as his top choice. So if there remains a strong desire to be in Blacksburg, why did Garbutt decommit? There could be multiple possibilities. He may have gotten cold feet. He may have people whispering in his ear to go play ball somewhere else, whether that be coaches, friends, or even family. The 2017 DE did commit during the Fuente era, so the coaching change had likely little to nothing to do with this decision.

Either way, it's still a bad look for the Hokies. Garbutt was probably Fuente's top catch for the 2017 recruiting cycle, and the Hokies really could use extra depth in the defensive trenches, particularly in Foster's attacking scheme. If Fuente can keep the Hokies atop of Garbutt's list until his decision, then great, no harm done. But if he can't, a lot of people are going to be asking questions about the new regime before Fuente has a real chance to prove himself.