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The Battle At Bristol Has Prop Bets!

You know the game is big time when these bets come out.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you thought the Battle At Bristol couldn't get any bigger, it does. Online sportsbook, topbet, recently posted some interesting prob bets for the game.  Prop bets are generally money line wagers that only get pulled out for the really big games (think Superbowl).  It is interesting to look at some of the bets and get ready for the showdown on September 10th. You can take a look at topbet's Battle At Bristol prop bets by clicking here. The one that really sticks out to me is the Joshua Dobbs over/under rushing yard total.

It's hard to find a QB who has had more off season "love" than Dobbs. Big things are expected from the senior, and the magic number for rushing yards against the Hokies is a paltry 51.5. Dobbs rushed for 671 yards last season. He was the Vols' third leading rusher, and he averaged 4.6 YPC. This one appears to be a true coin flip, but I will gladly take the Hokies' defense.

The value bet for me, is "Will there be a safety?" It comes in at +500 for "yes". That's the kind of bet that is fun to throw a few bucks on just to keep things interesting. Going the other way has seemingly no value. It's at -800 at time of publish. Both defenses will be going hard, but safeties take special circumstances. I still kind of want to put down a 10 spot and reach for the $$$.

The "Which team will score first?" bet is enticing.  The Hokies are +160, which is excellent value.  This seems like a fun play to start off the game.  Tennessee's value is not as good with this pick. They are currently listed at -220.  It appears the spread of Vols +11 might move a bit the closer we get to kickoff, and that number scares  me to death. I still think the game will be undecided in the fourth quarter, but garbage time TD's  always seem to get me in the end.