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Virginia Tech Needs Devon Hunter

Hokies lose out in the Lamborn sweepstakes. Getting Hunter to commit would be huge.

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Nike is hosting its "The Opening" event in Oregon this weekend, and keep your eye on Devon Hunter. The safety from Indian River High School would be a huge get for the Hokies. The class of 2017 has some great athletes, but who wouldn't love a 4* addition to the D.B.U.?  Hunter has impressed in Oregon, and other teams are already making their pitch.  Virginia Tech is "leading" according to , but the Clemson Tigers have proven they can swipe at will.

Graphic courtesy of It would be a major coup for the Hokies to retain this 757 star. It would also send a message to the other kids V.T. is targeting. The Hokies' recruiting ace, Zohn Burden, has done a great job thus far with Hunter. The next few weeks will be pivotal, and the Hokie Nation might just be welcoming a new member to the LPD. Hunter has a total of 34 offers, so the Hokies have stiff competition.