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Tyrod Taylor Signs Long Term Contract Extension

Former Virginia Tech great, Tyrod Taylor, has signed a long term contract extension with the Buffalo Bills.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

EDIT 1151AM PST: It's being reported, by Ian Rapoport, that the extension is worth $90 million over six years.

Tyrod Taylor, the starting QB at Virginia Tech from 2007 - 2010, and five year NFL veteran, has signed a long term contract extension with the Buffalo Bills after just one season as their starter.

The details of the contract extension have not yet been released, but suffice to say it will be much more than the $1 million dollars he was scheduled to earn this coming season.  That figure would have made him the least paid starting QB in the NFL.

Last season Taylor played 14 games for the Buffalo Bills, missing two due to injury, and earned the second highest season passer rating in the history of the franchise. In 2015 Taylor went 242 - 380 (63.7%) for 3,035 yards, 20 TDs, and 6 INTS.  On the ground he added 568 yards from 104 rushing attempts, earning a 5.5 avg, and 4 running TDs.  Tyrod's efforts also earned a Pro Bowl nod.

Congratulations Tyrod!  Gobbler Country adds their voices to those celebrating a job well done!  It is always a pleasure to see someone's hard work rewarded, it is even better when that someone is a Virginia Tech alum!


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