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Hokies Unveil New Uniforms

Look great, play great right?

Virginia Tech just announced that they will be rocking some new gear for the Battle at Bristol against the Tennessee Volunteers. This new uniform honors the Hokie Stone, Corps of Cadets, and all of Virginia Tech's rich history.

The color combinations look great and what better time to show them off than in one of the biggest sporting events of all time. We typically see the orange and maroon with Virginia Tech gear, but this uniform shows off some of the old school, original colors from the university.

In 1891, the original school colors were black and cadet gray, but that was changed because some people felt that it was too similar to a prison uniform. The colors we have all grown to know and love, "Chicago Maroon" and "Burnt Orange", were adopted in 1896. This new uniform is a great way for the past to meet the present as we transition into a new era of Hokie Football.