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Virginia Tech Football State Of The Union

Getting set to kick off the season.

The season is just a few days away, and I thought it would be good to give my overall impressions of the program, and peek into my crystal ball. Last season I had the Hokies at 9-4. They ended up 7-6. With two losses in overtime, I was close to hitting it on the head. This year, I have the Hokies at 8-5. The schedule presents a big challenge for the Hokies, but I think Justin Fuente will have a bowl win to crown his first season. Fuente handled the transition with class and grace. He immediately went to work strengthening his bond with defensive coordinator, Bud Foster. He quickly began recruiting the 757 with a ton of travel. He held satellite camps, and has approached the job with a ton of energy. This season may present some challenges, as our depth isn’t where it needs to be, but with the 2017 class really coming together, this will improve.

I gave the Hokies high praise in the hire, and am expecting big things in the coming years. The most pressing need for the Hokies is better in state recruiting, which Fuente has made a mission. If the recruiting comes back, the Hokies will be golden. Without the top talent in the state, the Hokies will struggle. There have been some big successes (Joshua Jackson), and some misses as well. Devon Hunter could very well start an avalanche of in state talent if he chooses Tech.

The defense will be better this season. If the Hokies can stay healthy, they have the best secondary in the A.C.C.. The defensive line is deeper, and Tim Settle could have a breakout season. The real question mark for the defense is at linebacker. No player improved during the season more than Andrew Motuapuaka, but he needs some help. If the linebackers can play at a higher level, the Hokies might just have themselves a very nasty D.

The quarterback situation is fluid. There have been reports of Joshua Jackson taking reps with the ones, and that is interesting. I believe Jerod Evans will eventually earn the job, but getting Jackson reps is huge.

The Hokies are in a pivotal time. The transition from Coach Beamer to Coach Fuente was handled so well, but the future is now. With plenty of talent on both sides of the ball, the Hokies are primed for a better season. Gobbler Country wishes the 2016 edition of Virginia Tech football all the best.