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#FuenteFactor- Highly Rated QB Ellis Commits to Virginia Tech

DeJuan Ellis becomes the second member of the 2018 recruiting class.

Coach lands another big recruit for 2018
Coach lands another big recruit for 2018
Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gents, this is one of the multiple reasons why I've told you to wait until next year to start evaluating how Fuente recruits. A lot of the recruits for 2017 are announcing early, and they had no ties to Fuente. Now? His 2018/2019 jump ahead work is gaining more and more traction. Today, Virginia Tech received a commitment from DeJuan Ellis, a quarterback from Northern Virginia. He's not rated on 247 and ESPN, rated at three stars on Rivals, and four at Scout. He's been a recruit since he was in middle school, though- many NoVa and MD high schools were looking for him to come there and play for their teams. He's a big enough recruit to have verified Nike measurements. This kid is going to be big time and blow up by the time his class actually comes around. So what's Tech getting in their latest commitment? I'll pop in the tape and find out.

DeJuan Ellis (Arlington, VA. 160lbs, 5'-11". Quarterback)

Okay, I'll start with the obvious- the kid is slight. And based on his measurements in the article about him in high school, he hasn't grown much. Either he's just going to be (for a football player) shorter and scrawnier or he has more growing left in him before he's finished. Being that light, I do fear for him when he gets hit. With that said, I think he's got good pocket presence, and he puts balls in good places for his wide receivers to make catches. I think ball placement is a very, very important skill for a quarterback, and his already shows signs of being well developed for his age. I think his arm is pretty good, and his presence of mind is clear on how he operates the pocket and steps up or around pressure- usually up. Climbing the pocket is a more professional style move rather than simply running out and escaping. I'd worry a tad that his balls sail a bit high on occasion. But he keeps his eyes downfield, and if he's throwing into coverage it's generally done by throwing someone open....OIIh, you want me to mention he's fast? Yes. He's fast. Like 4.5-4.4 fast. He needs to learn to properly tuck the ball away when he runs, which he does not do as frequently as you'd like. Carrying a ball like a loaf of bread leads to fumbles.  But is he worth the shot? Oh heck yes, even as an athlete, he's got great skills in the open field. You take that guy and stick him in the weight room until he puts on 30lbs.

Fuente's QB pedigree is going to be key in getting offensive recruits like Ellis and others in the door. This is just another sign that better things are around the corner if we can keep success coming.

Welcome to the class of 2018, DeJuan! Go Hokies!