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Liberty At Virginia Tech, Top Three Things to Watch For

The most compelling story lines for Saturday's opener.

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

We are mere days from actual football, and the Hokies have some question marks. Virginia Tech will beat Liberty on Saturday at Lane Stadium, that much we know.  I am more interested in looking at what else Saturday's game can teach us.  This will be the Virginia Tech debut of Justin Fuente, and a good warm-up for the impending Battle At Bristol.  What three things will I be looking for?

1.) What does Jerod Evans bring to the table, and how does Joshua Jackson look?

Jerod Evans was named as the starting QB, which was no real shocker.  The surprising development in the QB battle this fall, was the emergence of Freshman Joshua Jackson from Saline, Michigan.  To hear that this talented son of a coach was taking reps with the 1's, was surprising to say the least.  It's important to get Evans some confidence early, but as last season demonstrated, backups need to be ready as well.

2.) Does Tim Settle show signs of what I think he can become?

Tim Settle is a big man.  He is a big man who can move.  I was disappointed last season with the redshirt, but his time is now.  On paper, he looks like a force of a man who will give our interior defense some serious teeth.  I hope Settle makes the most of his playing time, and makes his snaps count.  The kid is an absolute freak, and Saturdays at Lane are a great place to showcase his talents.

3.) How will Justin Fuente use Ford, Hodges, and the other weapons on offense?

We hired Justin Fuente to score points.  We have some serious pieces in place, but it will be interesting to see how Fuente uses them.  Saturday should be a great indicator of how the 2016 Hokies operate.  Friendly environment, weak competition, all in our favor.  I expect at least 3 QB's to see playing time.  I expect 4 RB's to carry the ball, but more importantly, I am excited to see the next evolution in Hokies' offense.  The listing of Sam Rogers as the starting RB is confusing, but "In Justin We Trust".

Final prediction: Virginia Tech 49 Liberty 14