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Battle At Bristol Gamecenter

Gameday is finally here for the Hokies and Vols

The game is finally upon us.  The long awaited Battle At Bristol kicks off tonight, and Bristol is putting its best foot forward.  The town has truly embraced both teams.  The hospitality and spirit has been incredible.  State Street and all of downtown has a great feel.  It is very similar to a bowl game, but somehow better.  Getting into the track was no problem, as Bristol Motor Speedway are experts in handling huge crowds.  The weather is perfect. Just a few clouds, and the temperature should be around 85 at kickoff.

The Colossus video display is impressive, and the field looks absolutely amazing.  The sheer size of this facility is incredible, and should be a close ball game.  Stay tuned @gobblercountry for updates, and make sure to hop on our live gamethread at kickoff.  You can chat with fellow Hokies, as well as the Gobbler Country staff live.  Visit our facebook page for great photos and videos.