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Gobbler Country Staff Picks

What will happen tomorrow against Boston College?

NCAA Football: Boston College vs Massachusetts Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Tough week for some of the prognosticators in Gobbler Country. What will happen when the Hokies face off against Boston College?

Roy Hatfield (2-0)

The Hokies will rebound nicely in week 3. Virginia Tech has Boston College’s playbook in the form of former O.C., Scott Loeffler. B.C. has no clue what we will try to do. The Hokies have too much speed on the outside for the Eagles, and it will show quickly. Boston College has a nice defense, but not much else. Hokies in a cakewalk, 31-17.

Joshua Schneider (2-0)

Virginia Tech solves hopefully all its fumble problems, but still looks a bit bumpy against a solid defense. I don't think that Bud is going to be keen on letting former VT OC Scot Loeffler get much of anything going for all the reasons on the planet. VT28- BC20.

Jawhar Ali (2-0)

The turnovers have to stop - that is really what it comes down to. The Hokies are more talented than BC, that much we know. That being said, this game may end up being closer than it should be. If the turnover-prone, less confident Hokies show up, the Eagles have the chance to take Virginia Tech down at home. Patrick Towles is an underrated QB, at least in my book, and he has the wheels to kill Foster's defense on the ground. However, I think the Hokies come out with an attitude on Saturday afternoon, and prove that the blowout in Bristol is not representative of who this team really is.

Hokies 28-17 Eagles

John Schneider (1-1)

This should not be that difficult. BC's defense is better this season, but it's offense is one dimensional. And do they have a kicker? (There haven't been enough 3's in their season to verify that question) The Hokies have everything a step better than BC, the one thing that we lead them in solidly is horrible. We lead college football in fumbling the ball. Don't think for a minute that that little peach is going to be talked about through the entire run up and most of the broadcast. The wiseguys are saying that we are still laying 6 to the Eagles. Well, at least they think that we are going to win and they still need to balance the action. The Hokies should beat that spread by a mile. "Should" is the word. Oh, and that "one dimensional offense" is a running QB and a decent running back, our defensive bane for years. Hokies take it, narrowly: 24-17

Mohamed Hassan (1-1)

This will be the first key game for Virginia Tech if they hope to win the ACC Coastal Division and make the Battle at Bristol a distant memory. The question isn't whether Boston College will beat Virginia Tech, but rather if Virginia Tech will beat themselves. If Coach Fuente is the coach everyone believes he is, then you can bet that the Hokie's ball security issues have been thoroughly addressed this week. I believe the Virginia Tech Hokies beat the Boston College Eagles and show off some of the mental toughness developed from last weekend. Hokies win 24-13.

Jay Johnson (1-1)

Boston College is a team that Virginia Tech should defeat. But, nine turnovers in two games isn't gonna cut it. As we saw last week, the defense cannot mitigate all of the offense’s mistakes, especially those made in our territory. I have a feeling that there was a lot of laps and a lot of work on ball control this past week. The Hokies improve, 2-1 on the regular season, and defeat the Eagles 35-14.

Bryan Manning (1-1)

The Virginia Tech Hokies should be in good shape when they host Boston College in Blacksburg on Saturday. If Tech has solved the ball-security issues, it should be able to move the ball enough to defeat a strong BC defense. Bud Foster's group should have no trouble handling Boston College—and Scot Loeffler's—inept offense. The Hokies will be in a battle with the Eagles, but will pull away late in the third quarter.