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East Carolina VS. Virginia Tech Gobbler Country Staff Picks

What’s going to happen tomorrow? The G.C. crew weighs in!

East Carolina v South Carolina Photo by Mary Ann Chastain/ Getty Images

Roy Hatfield (3-0)

I hate playing East Carolina. The last two years have been painful to say the least. This year, the Hokies will own the Pirates. Virginia Tech has better athletes all over the field. The offense showed me last week what it’s capable of. The defense will contain the E.C.U. passing attack. Hokies take another victim to the woodshed, 42-10.

Jawhar Ali (3-0)

Ever since 2014 when I was a freshman, I have yet to see the Hokies come out on top against ECU. Granted, it was only two games, but it was two heartbreakers. In 2014, the Hokies just won at the Horseshoe the previous week but found themselves in a 21-0 deficit after the end of the first quarter. Then last year, in the monsoon, the Hokies surrendered an early 14-0 lead and looked pitiful trying to slow down Summers and the ECU offense. This year, Phillip Nelson has been nothing short of incredible - he's completing 78% of his passes while still maintaining 8 yards/attempt. Summers remains a dangerous threat on the ground. I do have plenty of confidence in the Hokies' offense to put up points, but my primary concern will be slowing down ECU's offense and getting off to a good start. I don't think the Hokies' defense will be ranked second in the FBS Saturday night, but I think they do get enough done to allow the offense to win the game for them.

Hokies win 31-24.

Joshua Schneider (3-0)

I'm not really sure what to make of this game. I'm going to call out VT 35, ECU 24, but I'm not exactly too confident in it. We'll see how effective the team is after a satisfying victory.

John Schneider (2-1)

I would prefer to not be required to predict this one. It's the "rubber meets the road" game. If last week was the "gut check", this one is the "heart check". Does this team have the ability to play at a high level for more than one game at a time. This week the Hokies have much to prove to themselves and to Hokie Nation. ECU is every Gobbler nightmare - short of Thanksgiving dinner- nightmare. They have a running QB, a solid running back lineup, and a defense that could actually hold an SEC team (ok... it was South Carolina, but still) to 20 points. That was a loss that ECU thinks should have been a win. We sort of know about that emotion, don't we? IF Tech shows up in a serious mood ECU won't be a cupcake, but they won't win, it'll be a slugfest, but they won't win. That's IF. IF NOT, then the Hokies drop to 2-2, and head for the road with two tough conference opponents and some soul searching to do. Which team shows up on Saturday; Week 2, or Week 3? I am going with Week 3 Hokies, because something has changed in the organization, Fuente has a level of seriousness and intensity that tells me he's not fond of Week 2 efforts and not prone to "aw shucks" shrugs. 31-20 Hokies

Mohamed Hassan (2-1)

Virginia Tech has every right to feel great after winning 49-0 last week against Boston College. But if they get ahead of themselves and don't focus, they could find themselves in some trouble against an ECU Pirates team that has given them trouble in the past. WR Isaiah Jones is a game changing receiver and will test the best pass defense in the country. On offense, the key will be to establish a ground game against a tough defensive front lead by DE Fred Presley. If the Hokies can stay disciplined, I think they win this battle 24-10.

Jay Johnson (2-1)

Whenever I think of the East Carolina Pirates I am filled with equal parts anxiety and disdain. They have become the closest thing to a geographic rival the Hokies have since the Cavaliers qualified for international aid a decade ago. They’ve become that rival because they refused to be the cupcake we thought they were and for years either beat us, or gave us fits. Man, I can respect that, even if I don’t like it. This year… I am still anxious and I still can’t stand them. They’ve got a solid offense that has shown it can put points up. But, they did have four turnovers during their loss to South Carolina last week. Both ECU and VT have shown they can score, but both teams have shown that they can be sloppy against competition. I believe that Virginia Tech continues to evolve, and builds on what they achieved last week against the Eagles. Fuente makes a statement when he devours a program that consistently plagued the previous regime. Hokies over Pirates, 35-21.

Bryan Manning (2-1)