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West Virginia, Slow Your Roll

Some serious shade from The Smoking Musket

NCAA Football: Youngstown State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

People in Morgantown need to slow down. You have been middle of the Big 12 so long, you’ve forgotten your place. We have had the Black Diamond Trophy so long, there are cobwebs all over it in the Merryman Center. We don’t even think of West Virginia anymore.

“West Virginia is that ex-girlfriend you dated in college, and stalks you on Facebook. She likes all your kids’ soccer photos, and thinks she could have made you happier.”

It is quite simply the tale of two cities. Blacksburg is the hot tech stock you wish you bought 4 years ago. Morgantown is like a coal miner’s Vegas. Big on flash, little on substance. Dana Holgorsen is a lame duck coach, and it’s a matter of time before RichRod invades the Wild, Wonderful state. That reasoning alone made me chuckle when I saw this yesterday:

Don’t even think about it West Virginia. We play chess, you play Chutes and Ladders. WE are the next evolution in college football. You are a running punchline that wishes Major Harris had an extra year of eligibility. You haven’t been relevant in so long, I’m not sure you still play in the F.B.S.. Keep grinding, have fun getting worked by Baylor and the rest of the Big 12. I’m just glad that jackleg coach you are all desperate for didn’t end up in Blacksburg. See you in D.C.!