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Joshua Dobbs Injury News

Rumors and speculation swirl around Knoxville.

Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Will he or won't he?  On the penultimate play in the Tennessee/AppState game, QB Joshua Dobbs took a massive hit.  Three days removed, there are conflicting reports on Dobbs' availability on Saturday.  Twitter showed us the trail, let's try and follow the breadcrumbs.

So if there is smoke, there is fire, right? Maybe so, maybe not. has a great take from Butch Jones on their site. If I had a dollar for every person who has texted me saying Dobbs isn't playing, I'd be retired. Not sure what to expect on Saturday, but dollars to donuts, Dobbs is under center.

"Coach Butch Jones was asked about the rumor. He didn’t respond directly, but laughed and said that people who said that need to check their sources – indicating that Dobbs wasn’t injured."-Daniel Lewis,

Dobbs will most likely play. Dobbs will probably the most talented athlete on the field in Bristol.  The latest speculation is just another case of perception and reality.