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Gobbler Country Talks Hokies and Volunteers with Rocky Top Talk

We are invited to stop by the Rocky Top Talk podcast to sit for a segment and talk about the big game at the race track.

It's not NASCAR this time
The Super Jumbo Screens at Bristol
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

Many thanks to Will and company for the wonderful visit with the Rocky Top Talk SB Nation website.

We were invited, in good Southern tradition, to stop by the Rocky Top Talk podcast front porch for a bit of talk and some discussion of the Volunteer Hokie game coming up. They gave us the first segment, but you might want to listen to the whole thing.

Note: Please make sure that you have Flash enabled.

This is going to be a closely matched game and there are going to be serious surprises on both sides. Both of these teams have a whole lot to prove on the big stage.