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Former Virginia Tech Quarterback, Michael Brewer, Q&A Conclusion

In the final portion of our interview, Brewer talks about the future, and dining in the Alaskan Bush

Military Bowl- Cincinnati v Virginia Tech Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

This is the third in a three part series with former Virginia Tech quarterback, Michael Brewer. Brewer had some big wins at Virginia Tech, and is a passionate outdoorsman. Gobbler Country caught up with Brewer, to find out what the Texan is up to after leaving Blacksburg.

Gobbler Country: What 2015 Hokie did you admire for his work ethic, and or athletic ability?

Michael Brewer: I really admired the worth ethic of Sam Rogers. For him to come to Virginia Tech as a walk on and earn a starting role as a true freshman is just unbelievable and speaks volumes to what he is all about.

Gobbler Country: What are you up to now after football?

Michael Brewer: I am working in the commercial construction industry selling bid work and being a project manager. My job allows me some free time to enjoy hunting season and as well as getting away to fish, so that’s been great.

Gobbler Country: You have two options: Play in the A.C.C. Championship game, fish the Amazon with Bill Dance for Peacock Bass. You can only experience one. Which is it and why?

Michael Brewer: The Amazon isn’t going anywhere. I’ll make it down there and catch some Peacock Bass. I would have to answer that question with play in the A.C.C. Championship game. That was one of my/our goals in 2015 and it didn’t work out so I would like to right that ship.

Gobbler Country: What was the best meal you ever had?

Michael Brewer: I am assuming you are looking for an entertaining answer here, so here is a pretty good one. Recently I was up in Alaska way out in the bush in the Talkeetna Mountains. A friend and I went up there to hunt and fish and we were pretty much living off the land for about 13 out of the 16 days we were there. No electricity or water and you eventually run low on food that you packed. We were extremely hungry after about 5 days. Fortunately, we were able to harvest a Dall Sheep and we took its backstrap over a fire with a little salt and pepper and it was some of the most tender, best tasting meat I had ever had. Living off of freeze dry food and wild blueberries for that amount of time will make just about anything taste good but I’m still convinced that fresh Dall Sheep is one of the best meals I’ve had.

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