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Devon Hunter Commitment Huge Step for Justin Fuente and Staff

With the Hunter commitment, the Hokies send a big statement to the A.C.C., the S.E.C., and the rest of the nation that This Is Home.

Photo Courtesy of Student Sports

After all the waiting and speculation, Devon Hunter is committed to Virginia Tech. Back in December, 2015, coach Justin Fuente let it be known that he was targeting the 757 in effort to boost his ball club. The eastern shore of Virginia has long been an incredible source of talent in the Commonwealth. Many of Frank Beamer’s best teams were loaded with players from this area. Fuente and staff knew how important this fertile recruiting ground was, and shared it on twitter:

Landing Hunter was a big statement for several reasons. There have been some poachers in Virginia for some time now. Showing the rest of the A.C.C. and the S.E.C. that Virginia Tech still has big time pull is impressive. Keeping top tier talent in-state was a top priority for the Fuente regime, and boy did they deliver. Landing kids like Hunter also has a ripple effect. Other athletes who were on the fence about Virginia Tech, might find it easier to fax their L.O.I. to a 540 area code. It also demonstrates the recruiting prowess of Bud Foster, but more importantly, Zohn Burden. Going head to head against Florida’s Torrian Gray is a dicey proposition, and the Hokies came out on top. Burden has proven to be an invaluable recruiter, and look for more names to be announced in the coming days.

This quasi-cryptic tweet should have all of Hokie Nation ready for an awesome National Signing Day. N.S.D. takes place on 2/1, and let’s hope for a few surprise commits to bolster this team.