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Sam Rogers Senior Bowl Recap Day One

The Virginia Tech fullback visits Mobile for all-star game.

Photo Courtesy SBNation

The Senior Bowl is officially under way, and Sam Rogers is the lone Virginia Tech representative. Rogers is a true fullback, and one of only two invited to play in Mobile. The other selection was Florida State’s Freddie Stevenson. The day began early for Rogers, as all the athletes are weighed and measured in front of hundreds at the Mobile Convention Center.

Photo Courtesy SBNation

Rogers is playing for the North team, which was the second to practice at Ladd Peebles stadium. After some stretching, the players broke into their positional groups. Sam, being the only fullback, received individualized coaching on blocking techniques. They then transitioned into blitz pick up, and Sam had a monster hit on a Michigan Wolverine. During the 7 on 7, Rogers had 2 catches on 3 targets, one ball was uncatchable. He also had some blocks during the full scrimmage session. Tonight is media night, and I will be speaking with Sam about the process, and what he’s been up to since that memorable night in Charlotte.