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Déjà Vu: Tyjuan Garbutt recommits to the Hokies

Well, that was...interesting. Welcome back, Tyjuan.

Photo Courtesy of Student Sports

Hokies Fanbase, Tyjuan Garbutt. Tyjuan Garbutt, Hokies fanbase. Seems like you’ve met before? Because you have, of course. Almost exactly a year ago Tyjuan committed to the Hokies…

But he then later decommitted, claiming that Virginia Tech was still his leader…

And then on Monday, he retweets his original commitment tweet…what an odd cycle of events. Well. Let’s not beat around with any other stories, though I’ve heard a couple. Garbutt’s still pretty much right where we left him (though obviously with how this past year went and with what this class is shaping out to be, I ended up being pessimistic). He’s a four star recruit across the board and a top Virginia player, joining Dylan Rivers, Devon Hunter, and Tahj Capehart as the big in-state pieces for the class.

Let’s move onto his senior tape, then.

Tyjuan Garbutt (Fredericksburg, VA. 6’-3”, 215lbs. Defensive End(?))

…Are we sure he’s only 215lbs? He looks larger than that. He’s going to have to gain weight if he’s going to be a defensive lineman, even at rush end. I’ve heard that if numbers get screwy with potential defensive end commitments (of which there could be a few) he might be converted to a tight end. I don’t think that I’d be opposed to that, either, since his catching ability as a wide receiver is pretty solid. He definitely uses and places his body alright in that regard. Not a fan of how he holds the ball, though. At the moment, I think he’s going to end up something like what Dadi was for the last couple years, though hopefully more bulked up than Dadi ended up being his senior year- kind of an amoeba defensive end that goes back and forth into rush and out to coverage as necessary. He’s pretty fast, which is nice for both the potential receiving and rush end jobs.

Welcome back to the class, Tyjuan, and go Hokies.