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Virginia Tech Football Recruiting Poised For Historic Class

You have to go back all the way to 2001 to find this kind of talent coming to Blacksburg. With rumors and speculation all over the internet, one question remains: Will this be the greatest recruiting class in Virginia Tech history?

Virginia Tech QB, Hendon Hooker, works out.
Photo Courtesy of Student Sports

The recruiting news has been flying fast and furious this week as we head to National Signing Day. The latest commit, or shall we say, re-commit was Tyjuan Garbutt. Garbutt was choosing between Pittsburgh and the Hokies, and ultimately selected Virginia Tech.

The #Statement17 momentum really started picking up momentum with the announcement of uber recruit Devon Hunter, and is now snowballing into perhaps the best class in Hokie history. Using data, I looked back in recent history to see where the 2017 class ranks. The model makes the most since for me. It uses a composite format, which factors in all the major recruiting services. Starting in 2000, the highest class the Hokies have had was in 2001. The Hokies were ranked 16th overall. That class was ridiculously loaded. Kevin Jones, Bryan Randall, and Deangelo Hall were all part of that group. Cedric Humes was also a part of that class, and he had a tremendous career. All said, that class had one 5* (Jones), 2 4*’s, and 0 3*’s. Keep in mind that the recruiting ranking system has grown exponentially, and many of the players (including D-Hall) never got ranked. Entering the modern era of recruiting, where most all of the players are evaluated, the highest the Hokies finished was 20th. They finished there in 2005 and 2008.

2012 and 2013 also proved to be good classes for Virginia Tech. They finished up 21 for back to back seasons, including 6 4*’s in 2012. That 2012 class included Ken Ekanem and J.C. Coleman. This 2017 class is currently tied with the 2012 group with 6 4*’s ready to commit. There have been a bunch of chatter indicating there is more to come, and so far our sources have been accurate. If the Hokies can somehow manage to sign one more 4* on N.S.D., this would solidify the class in Virginia Tech history. The past two seasons have shown impressive movement from Coach Fuente and staff. In 2016, the Hokies finished ranked 40th in the country. Fuente was hampered by a late start, and put together a respectable class. With a solid year under his belt, Fuente has moved the program up to what figures to be a top 20 class. Upon taking the job, Fuente stated that he was taking back the 757. With this incredible class, the Hokies are heading in the right direction.